woodworking cabinet design - setting 2 distinct objects vertexes to be the same

Hi Folks

I do some woodworking , specially cabinet design and im willing to use blender to design/prototype my stuff

I could use the most of the features and can do some design with success, but, the way i do expect to work is to :

  • draw some wood sheets with a fixed defined thickness (done)
  • attach them at their corners (instead of extruding the parts)
  • group them as a single object, and , when clicking on one part of the grouped object, select all parts of the object, to move
    all objects together (almost perfect - grouping and grop select works somehow)
  • scale the object, preserving fixed the thickness of all objects involved

and on a second stage, set some hinges to be functional, to test the feel of the objects

I could use transform lock to stop a specific axis (thickness - z) to go up when scaling, but im having trouble to find a way to make a joint between to two discrete objects (and keep them discrete) and scaling up without them start to have gaps between them. Parenting with an empty object is not working too… it starts to ignore the transformation lock

thanks a lot for all the tips and ideas


This is what im looking for.

The cabinet stretches preserving thickness and geometry

will look further

Some cool stuff