Woody (Toy Story) New User

Hi, I’m attempting to model Woody from Toy Story as closely as possible. Im a rather new user of Blender, with this being only my second attempt at modelling something without a tutorial.

All criticism is greatly appreciated, both on the model and my modelling skills in general, they will all help to make me a better Blender-er!!

Early Wire-frame view

More recent in edit mode

This is with some very basic colour and textures just to give a general impression - don’t worry these will be changed :slight_smile:

Oh, I’ll post a more recent, better wireframe tomorrow - it’s too late at the moment (need to sleep :slight_smile: )

Looks to me that your doing fine. Have had 3d modeling experience before?

Nope - Blender’s my first adventure in to the world of 3D!!

Watched quite a lot of videos and tutorials to help me understand how it works though :slight_smile:

Wow looks great! I’m trying to make a Buzz Lightyear, but its not coming along nearly as well as yours! Keep it up! I can’t wait to see the finished project!

wow…that is nice! :smiley: like FreeLantz, can’t wait to see the final render!

Great start! I like how you have the edge loops around the eyes and mouth, and even the nose!

This … is … your … :eek: first :eek: … model?!


Excellent job for your first model. My first head came out looking like a “grey” from X-Files lol. Have you started on the body yet?

Well… its my second model… I’ve not had any time to start on the body yet, due to exams this next week but hopefully I’ll be able to continue with him from friday onwards :slight_smile:

If anyone was interested my first model was of a human. I was learning as I went along and looking back, there are a lot of things I’d have done differently…

Here’s a little update, just a basic body, some arms and legs. Please tell me what you think/ any improvements that are needed. Thanks


Been rather busy so I’ve not been able to do much,
But here’s a little update, sorry about the cartoon nudity :wink:
Criticism is much appreciated thanks!!


He’s not as skinny/scrawny as woody is. Woody is a cartoon character more than just a living toy, he has BIG eyes and little arms…think extremes.

Well i have been working off references so as far as I’m aware, the proportions should be roughly correct :slight_smile: Although saying that, I’m think he is a little fat so I may put him on a diet :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Woody’s joints are supposed to be very narrow, since they’re made by stitching the fabric together, keeping the stuffing in the “boney” areas for support: http://spellbounding.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/toy_story_movie_image_buzz_and_woody.jpg

Other than that and the eyes looking a bit dull, you’re off to a great start!

Ahhhh two good points, but I’ve already sorted the arm joints out - but still not quite as i like as I can’t get them to look squished, they end up just looking narrower!! And as for the eyes - all texture work is extremely rough at the moment - the eyes are just from a picture of Woody, once all the modelling is finished I’m going to make the texture on photoshop so it should fix that. The shirt’s texture needs doing properly aswell as the seam is extremely obvious on the to of the arm but you can’t see it on the picture!! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Nice work! the only thing I have to say is the lighting looks a little weird, for this situation, I would use one point light and ambient occlusion.

Just a quick update - I know this is taking forever, but I don’t get round to working on it too often :frowning: And I’ve now go a new puppy so I’ve even less time on my hands!!




Only just started on the mouth so it still needs a lot of work :slight_smile:

Really cool dude, however i dont think you got the face exactly right, but nevertheless, it definitely looks like Woody!

his jaw needs to be a little bit slimmer?