WOOHOO. wine rocks my world.

wine is seriously rocking.

This I got working today:
Micorosoft Word 2000 (Saves too!)
Microsoft Excel 2000
Trillian .725 (Annoying bugs with this one - I may buy crossover plugin)

These are the directions for Office.
First, some preperations.

  1. If you have wine installed, uninstall it. (get rid of the stock rpm, or make uninstall) then dl a release tarball.

  2. If you have a windows drive, unmount it. (VERY IMPORTANT)

  3. cd to the directory of the new wine release (I used the 7/10 release)


run as you, not root. make a fake c drive folder.

  1. Follow the directions, give it the root pw and let it compile and install it for you.

  2. Edit your brand spanking new ~/.wine/config file

put a semicolon in front of the line under the X11DRV section that says
and erase the semicolon on the line that says
;“Desktop” = “640x480”

  1. Put in and mount your office CD, and cd to it, then run
    wine SETUP.EXE
    (your captialization may vary, it seems mostly random)
    you might get some empty black windows. these are neccesary, don’t close them, just move them away.

  2. put in CD key, etc. Go to custom setup, slect to install only word and excel. remove ALL office tools and such. if it asks you what degree of IE install you would like, select minimal.

  3. Go! the installer should get about halfway before complaining about shortcut creation errors. just click through them, they don’t matter at all.

  4. after it asks if you want to restart, select (Y). obviosly, your computer will not restart.

  5. edit your ~/.wine/config change the lines back so that it again reads:
    ;“Desktop” = “640x480”

Chagne one more line! in the DLL section, one of the dlls listed is


change the line

ole32 = “builtin, native”


ole32 = “native, builtin”

  1. Save the config file, the run

wine “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\winword.exe”
wine “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\excel.exe”

enjoy. If you have problems saving, then let me know.

I have not yet tried wine, but maybe I will now, lol.

What the heck… maybe this weekend, (I say everyweek, LOL)

Thanks for the deatailed info :slight_smile:

Love ingie

I was just reading something about Crossover OFfice, which is a $65 product that is supposed to allow you to run your windows software on Linux (it uses Wine as well). The benefit is that you no longer have to pay for the Windows OS license. That’s only half the battle, though. I wonder how many people will actually cross all the way over. Open Office looks pretty sweet.

why would you want to run msoffice under linux?
it works poorly even under windows :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you try openOffice…

and the second, trillian?? it’s the instant-message program, right? hmm… what about gaim? why there is a need to run trillian under linux?


A. the first time i attempted to import a office document, OO mangled it.

same with the second time.

OO can’t find my truetype fonts, and I lack the knowledge to go probing config files.

this is OO 1.0

I haev OO, but frankly, i like MSoffice better until the import filters become flawless and we have good linux TT font hinting.

B. Trillian is pretty

Gaim is ugly

Trillian has a full oscar implementation. I can send ISO’s to my friends on AIM with no problems, even on linux.

Gaim crashed the eight times i tried to uise it.
yhea, so I run trillian. It’s not free, but it’s close to it.

I think wine ought to become a terrific library for linux. Similar to any library, like gtk, qt, or anything else. It would, effectively, BECOME native.

as for why this won’t kill native linux progs like it did OS2, the OSS and free software community will always continue to write and improve quality software. a good WINE implementation only serves to strengthen linux’s position.

and (gnu)linux, and free software, at least partially, is all about choice. even the choice to partially enslave ourselves to the redmond behemoth, again.

we can’t beat them with only our native apps. Let’s steal theis.

that’s why we dont import :slight_smile: we write them in openoffice format. .doc files are evil. and so are .xls. I work for the city, and our citys main system is windows. they are not going to change that. so all the documentation is .doc and .xls. and all the time we have viruses. huge problems.

I just told them, I cannot work with those files at home. use .rtf or whatever, if you need to send me something. otherwise, I look into them at work.

funny… works for me… anyways, you can just symlink your truetype-font directory to openoffice/share/fonts/… or, use spadmin program.

but if gaim is ugly, this only means, you haven’t setup your gtk… it get it’s theme from there. last time I saw trillian, at work, it was pretty yes, but didn’t really work well :slight_smile: gaim has never crashed on me. the only thing missing on it, is the file send/receive possibility. but I use ftp for that if I need…

I disagree. stuff I use here at home, are MUCH better than allt he stuff we have at work. yesterday I was making simple poster that we needed to print, that has the library opening hours. I did it in msword. word couldn’t understand that I have A4 size paper on printer, so it kept complaining that the paper is wrong, and adjusted my marginals in a VERY strange way all the time. and refused to print.
on another machine I tried Illustrator, it’s kind of slow so I rarely use it. illustrator had no problems with paper size, but it didn’t find the network printer either. and finally said that PDF format has difficulties. heh.
last, I saved the work into wmf, went to third machine, imported the picture into plain new .doc and printing worked.
took 2 hours. damnit.
windows 2000 machines are seriously troubled, I think, when it comes to networking.


my win2k system won’t let my win98 system print to it. it says i need a password. I don’t have any passwords set on the shares. it’s frustrating.

in better new, i found a shell replacement called litestep which is based on afterstep for windows. it looks really cool. I still will boot linux to model (wings sucks in windows) tweak (blender is better in linux) and render (lightflow is 2-3x faster also)

so that’s that. I don’t like gaim though, I just got my OO to import properly, but I’ve gotta say, I’m seriously dissapointed inthe TT rendering. I’m not talkingabout hinting, just the kerning. It’s horrible. words that have spaces between them are jutted up against each other, and everything. Interestingly, Word2K under WINE is rendering them fine. Wine uses freetype to render TT fonts, so it’s probably something on the OO end that’s destroying them.

you are right about OO truetype renderings… they are strange. some of the fonts I have are anti-aliased on the display, some are not. linux has some way to go on this field still, but I would guess that in year or two we will have a normal looking fonts in all apps :slight_smile:

but it’s just word processing… I can live with that, know it wont look like that when you print… so you can even switch off the smoothing…

my KDE on the otherhand, seems to render ttf fonts nowadays quite beautifully. only one exception “moms old typewriter” font. it shows the font on the lists, but when you try to use it, you can this “arial”-looking instead. heh. dunno why. but this again, doesnt matter, since I use that font only on my webpages, and GIMP renders the font like it should.
also OO seems to handle momstypewriter perfectly.

I’ve grown to love all the little things you dont have, all the little things you have but are not working perfectly… you know… it’s just that you have to take them as they are. and in time, some things will be fixed, some things will break :slight_smile:


i like my dual boot.

just got my wacom working in linux. uberhappy. just deleted MSoffice. it can’t print, so it’s all but useless. I’ll jsut reboot to do real work anyway.

now that I discovererd litestep (replacement for win explorer and desktop) living in windows isn’t nearly as bad. It’s, in fact, quite bearable. I still do all 3d in linux.