woops...yasp time again->RGBscreen *new windows dll needed for 1.8!

So there I was… trying to improve my greenscreen plugin so that it would do a decent job with hair… http://paprmh.googlepages.com/bonk.gif

After the concussion set in and I was slightly delirious from the brain swelling, I had this wild idea to base a keying plugin off of my spill reduction algorithm. With just a few more high velocity impacts of my forehead on the keyboard the dang thing actually compiled and it even worked better than I expected :eek:.
greenscreen 1.3…RGBscreen1.5
Final composit (after restoring the three manual respill buttons :eyebrowlift: ) :
even more surprising, its even faster and easier to use :RocknRoll: (only 12 buttons instead of 18!)

BTW…anyone interested in seeing how well they can do with the green pic with their favorite node setup? I would be interested in seeing not only your results but how long it took to tweek the settings ( fair warning, this example took me less than 5 min to set up the key)

EDIT:Here is the latest source(heh…back up to 18 buttons again…): http://papsplugins.googlepages.com/RGBscreen1.5.c
and a linux compile: http://papsplugins.googlepages.com/RGBscreen1.5.so

and now, thanks to indgomonkey, we have a windows dll:

:yes: hopefully some mac user will send me a binary for their os so I can post it for the rest of you to try…

EDIT 10\07\09: I am now up to version 1.8… it would be nice to get compiled binarys for other OS’s…

Very nice!! Looks like a great improvement.


Blender was the LAST program I would have thought about using for Keying… Sweet! :smiley:

goodguy20k: search the forum for either chromakey or greenscreen and you will find dozens of different ways to key in blender, both with nodes and sequence plugins…:eyebrowlift:

here is a short(only 1meg) video example too…

and here is a 6.4 meg 6 loop sequence with different backgrounds and spill settings…

are you done with the new plug in? I want to try it on the lastest fxguide video they had some nice green and blue screens shot with the red one

Sorry ibkanat, since there was so little response to the thread, I thought you were just being polite, not really interested in trying it…(BTW have you got a link to that video? I would like to try it too…)

I have been busy though…
yeah… It now can do bluescreen! (red too…but now there are 17 buttons)
here is the current source:
and a linux build:

And here is where I put out my standard plea for windows and mac compiles

Actually, as you can see, I have tenatively renamed it to RGBscreen v 0.8. I will soon set up a complete page for a tutorial ( unfortunately that usually takes me longer than coding the dang thing:o )


  • set the mode… 0-> redscreen 1->greenscreen 2->bluescreen
  • toggle mask button on and adjust the alpha factor until the background is completely black (tip-> toggle to inv mask (yellow)… it’s easier to see total white :rolleyes: than total black )
  • now in regular mask mode and adjust alpha clip so that everything that you want completely opaque is totally white. Any gradient you have left will be proportionately transparent.[ATTACH]27704[/ATTACH]
    The rest of the buttons work pretty much like in my greenscreen plugin…

    I’m not going to bump the thread just for this but here is v .9 in case anyone is interested: http://papsplugins.googlepages.com/RGBscreen.9.c

I will have to check this out! I want to compare it to my Matrox RTX 100. That upsamples to 4:4:4 before keying. I cant use it cause I am on a laptop. I am really wanting to move totally to Blender. And this is key for me. <pun intended> I know that the compostitor keys but I have always like your plug in. And now even better. :slight_smile:

I hope some one compiles this for windows soon.

Postmodern_Boy: yeah, me too…It would be nice to see a mac binary also…

Actually, I have pretty much recoded the whole plugin and even though there a still a few issues that I would like to improve, I have decided to call this version 1.0 and wait for some feedback…

the newest source code and any compiled binarys I have are in the first post…

The plugin also works well for partially transparent shadows and smoke…here is an example using a bluescreened smokey fire from detonation films:

How would one go about compiling it for windows? What kind of software would I need?

Are you familiar with compiling and using a dos window? Then all you need is visual c++( there is a free version…) and follow the instructions here, you should be able to compile a working dll…

hrm… I need to add a couple of things to the code…

Looks really awesome. I wish I knew how to compile it for OS X…

Um, I have Visual C++, but I have never used it yet and I found those instructions a bit confusing… I’ll try to compile it if I can get a little bit clearer instructions on how to do it with the Visual C++ GUI.

Yes, I have some experience compiling. Not a lot, but I should be able to figure it out.

Unless you would like to try it, LOTR Junkie. I don’t have the software right now.

I just really want to try this thing out. :smiley:

Heh, ironic. You have the experience but not the software, while I have the software but not the experience. :smiley:

Ditto on wanting to try this out, that smoke composite looked amazing.

I got the software. I’ll try and get it done as soon as possible.

Any code changes you want to make before I compile it, paprmh?

Ok, I added an auto luminance and a premul button to the plugin…updated source is in the 1st post of this thread.

I had the auto luminance adjustment hard coded before so now you can choose to use it or not. The premul button is so that you can use the seq editors alpha over effect with the plugin’s output later.

dang… now I’ve got to put together a tutorial page… I never bothered before since it seemed like no one else was going to use it…

hmm…I’m having some problems compiling. It keeps popping up with an error: “could not open file: kernel32.lib”

Does anyone know what that means? I searched my computer and I don’t have that file. Where should it be?

I think it’s part of the visual c++ install…so it should be there. I googled for “cannot open file kernel32.lib” and it usually seems to be a path problem like this page & this page. If you really don’t have that file, you may need to reinstall your visual c++.

Good news: I found the file.
Bad news: There’s another error saying there are 85 incomplete external symbols. I don’t even know where to begin looking for where they might be or why it can’t find them.