I haven’t been around for awhile, and i haven’t had access to my computer for about 2 weeks. My motherboard and processor died, so we took it in to a computer shop to get a new one. They ordered the part, and we were about to pay for everything, till we figured out they REFORMATTED OUR ENTIRE HARD DRIVE! They deleted everything, and the biggest part is, they didn’t need to!

Well, then there was a big commotion and we might have sued them, but they sent the hard drive to a place called Ontrack, where they recovered most of our stuff, but some of it doesn’t work (figures). In the end, it cost them about 2000 dollars to recover our data, but i finally have a computer back.

I hope i’m not too far behind in the contest…


two trailer park girls go round it outside round it outside
two trailer park girls go round it outside round it outside
guess whos back
back again
pooba’s back
tell a friend
guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back

hes created a monster cuse nobody wants to see samuel no more they want pooba, sam’s chopped liver. well if you want pooba this is what he give you. a little blender mixed with some hard liquor, some games to jump start his heart faster than the shock when he gets shocked at the hospital by the doctor when hes not cooperating when hes rocking the table while he operating. HEY! you waited this long so stop debating, hes back hes on the rag and hes ovulating. i know that you made blender ton rosendal, but your programmings a bit out of date.

okay i think thats enough eminem

bummer about your computer, but glad you’re back

Thank God! I was wondering if you died or something! I have been wondering where you were for about a month!

daggon, my foot is asleep!

…You need to buy backup medias and wear a charm against evils. :slight_smile:

Two weeks without a computer!!!
Reformatted hard-drive!!!
…and still alive… :wink:
cool that you are here again! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but i have a faster processor now, but an onboard video card (the motherboard has no agp slot :x )

BUT i have a pentium 4 2.4 ghz with a 64 meg card and 256 megs of ram coming in the mail, so i’ll be rid of this crappy computer soon!


ya i een asked around and nooooooobody knewwwwwwwww (say that in a creepy kinda ghost story like voice) well glad your back. did any of the blender files get lost? i say u should still sue for the blenderage time lost