Woot !! ..

here in middle east schools are delayed till maybe october because of swine flu …I love this disease ! …

means we had 4 months holiday …and i hope they make it five :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky! wish we had swine flu!:mad:

I know eight people who’ve had swine flu so far.
Apparently its not actually as bad as regular flu.

Just another fnord

lol …i dont think its that much dangerouse …or spreadable …as much as birds flu or sars .

Over 200 students fell ill within a matter of days at a major university in our state, the sick students get to see their dorm room-mates be re-located and they get the room all to themselves.

Anyway, apparently my immune system gets enough of a workout at times I almost never fall ill anymore, I didn’t even get sick when a garter snake bit me in June and didn’t wash with soap (just hose water) after that, and my finger didn’t even have swelling.

wow Cyborg dragon your badass…

Cyborg dragon, share your blood, It Will Cure EVERYTHING!

What CD did not mention was that the snake died after biting him !!!

Not that bad, just killing the people who are over sensitive for it…

The snake slithered off so I have no idea of the werabouts.

I’ve also been scratched by my cat before and didn’t have swelling or sickness from any possible bacteria there there, had little bites from kittens before in the old humane society building (before they moved to the new building, they have hand sanitizers in the kitty areas and it’s regulation to use them). To note, the garter snake managed to get a rather decent bite for its size.

Cyborg dragon, share your blood, It Will Cure EVERYTHING!

I’ll be honest, I did get a hard hitting stomach bug last winter where I threw up a bit, it goes away quickly, but apparently it sent a number of people in my city to the hospital and it wasn’t quite to that point for me, that was the first time I got sick other than colds for perhaps a few years at least. (and to say this it’s apparently impossible to be immune to colds)

Lol, quite the same degree of healthiness would apply to me…

Will Smith was surely miscast in I Am Legend.