Word game!!!

Everyone posts 4 and a half words that are somehow linked to the preceding posters 4 and a half words.

here are some other rules to keep in mind:
-the ammount of syllables in your 4 and a half words has to be a multiple of 3
-you have a 46 letter limit
-you must include 1 full word that is not in the english dictionary
-every fifth person to post has to compose their 4 and a half words entirely out of consonants
-by posting in this thread you hereby agree to all terms listed in this license agreement: http://www.library.yale.edu/~llicense/standlicagree.html
-a “:D” smiley in your post counts for a fourth of a syllable
-Super wu-man is banned from this thread
-you are not allowed to rhyme
-the half word does not count as the non-english word
-after you post you must sing your four and a half words out loud to someone near you
-It is up to you if you decide to continue the previous posters half word and incorporate it into your own post

here, ill start:
One crifflippitydoo i was wal-

Now all these play threads are getting out of hand.
Must be because political and religious topics are forbidden… those two usually dominate the off-topic forum.

this one makes me think :P, therefore harder to insult the last person…not interested(though its a good idea)

EDIT: AAAAHHHH! no super wu man? He has to come up eventually, just screwed ur own thread

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but please:

“No more forum game threads”

Yeah, don’t diss my thread if you can’t come up with a decent one yourself.

Says the person who always dominates game threads and tries to make the whole story in the story topic about his company.

THE Bush administration and the religious Right have nervously sought to distance themselves from disgraced evangelical leader Reverend Ted Haggard after allegations that the father of five had led a double life, using drugs and regularly paying for sex with a male prostitute.

The White House was trying to play down Mr Haggard’s political influence after he was forced to resign as head of the powerful National Association of Evangelicals, which claims 30 million members, when Colorado bodybuilder Mike Jones went public about his alleged three-year relationship with the 50-year-old married pastor.
In a television interview over the weekend, Mr Haggard - who has publicly condemned homosexuality and opposed gay unions - invoked the Bill Clinton defence. He acknowledged buying crystal methamphetamine - a drug sometimes used to heighten sexual experience - from Jones, but said he had thrown the drugs away. “I was tempted, I bought it,” he said, “but I never used it.”
He denied having sex with the 49-year-old escort, whose website promises massages “with the pleasure of the man in mind”, but admitted visiting Jones for a non-sexual massage, claiming he was referred to him by a Denver hotel. Jones said this was not true, and that he only advertised in gay magazines and websites.


Oops, sorry folks, I thought that I was somewhere else…Please excuse me.


If he did those then he probably wasn’t a true christian.:slight_smile:

EDIT: this was in responce to Pixelmass’s post.

Maybe yes, maybe no. This was the wrong place to make such a post.
As a side note, 30 million folks thought he was cool. Hmmmmm…