wordpress home ?

Hi , i’m having difficulties to answer this simple question …

my site’s home page is a wordpress blog , when someone enters the domain he sees all the last posts !!! , i want it to display the news category as home , not all of the last posts , this makes the site heavy ,

and why sometimes putting www. , before the site don’t open it !!!
please help .

the ‘www’ portion of a website is only a subdomain.

Some hosting solutions will treat ‘www’ identically to http://mydomain.ext automatically. Others don’t.

By the looks of it, you have the www part set up as a redirect… so for me it is loading.

If it doesn’t load for you all the time, consider firewall / antivirus software to be preventing the redirect, otherwise the software controling the redirect (http server /control panel (if any) isn’t 100% perfect at doing the task or incorrectly set.

I don’t know what lets you clone ‘www’ as mydomain so you can keep and see the www portion in the URL - for apache i’m sure it’s just a htaccess file.

As to your wordpress issue, im really certain as with most of you non blender specific questions are best asked in the offical forums of that area i.e. wordpress forums.

Cheeers 3Dguru.