Wordpress Theme for My Website (C&C)

Recently I decided my website needed a refresher, and I wanted to design a new one. It had to be dynamic (and I didn’t want to hand code all the backend php stuff:confused:) so I used wordpress, and am working on creating a custom theme.
You can go check it out at:

Screenshot here:

I was trying to keep the design simple, and minimalistic, yet still stylish and functional. The design was also made to be fairly color neutral, so that the header could be swapped out easily, and still look good.

Right now there is almost no content, only stuff to test it.I started this theme basically from scratch (with the help of the Blueprint CSS library) so some of the pages aren’t completed (like single-page view, comment system) and some things don’t exist yet. I just wanted to get some thoughts on the overall design of the website. I know most of you are at least artistically inclined even if you don’t know much about web design. Thanks ahead of time for the input.

Oh and if enough people want it i’ll post the theme with a CC license when i’m done, and then other people can customize it (new header, color scheme etc.)

EDIT: Right now my website is going under a scheduled check for bad stuff, so just wait a bit, and it should be back.
EDIT: Its back up now

looks nice, simple and clean. Maybe a bit too much links to choose from which don’t seem to have much relevance to your website like the bookmarks, but still nice.

the bookmarks are temporary until i change them to more relavant stuff, like stuff that I use a lot, thanks for the feedback

Okay, so now the site is much more complete. It is basically fully functional for a basic blog, now I just have to add gallery features and maybe some other stuff. I have added the ability to add comments with gravitar support and some other stuff (Check out the Hello World post for a look at like 5 comments to get a better idea). Any comments on that would be appreciated.