WordPress V.S. Drupal


by 15th of january to 17th

i will have my own domain name … :smiley:

i’m confused between GoDaddy and IXwebhosting


IXwebhosting claims all infinity , what do you think guys ??? :eyebrowlift2:

also , which one would you go with between drupal and WordPress ?
aren’t they all easy to establish your site like page builders ? … or an EXE , never tried to design a site before , ok , the contents but not the margins :evilgrin: … LOL

the site will contain

Projects :-
Galleries :-
Tutorials :-
Products :-
Resources :-


Personally, i’ve tried both Drupal and Wordpress. For me i felt that for what I needed, drupal was a bit too much. All I wanted was a nice looking blog with some extra pages, and I had like twenty different manegement pages. I think its more if you need something to hold a lot of different types of posts, forums, content, etc its good. For something like you want you could probably go with a Wordpress site, and have different categories for projects, tutorials, etc. All of the newest stuff from any category would show up on the main page, and then it could be more specific to each type when you click on the category.

And it is fairly simple to create pages and stuff in both, it is usually in some kind of admin page(in drupal its another page on your site thats unlocked when you logged in as admin, and with wordpress there is a seperate admin section that you log into with a standard wordpress admin interface)

Another thing to think about is the theming. Both have pretty good theming systems. You can download a lot or make your own. Right now I’ve actually been making a theme for wordpress to use on my blog, and if you already have a design, and a blanked out default wordpress theme, its not that bad, just a lot of copying. Anyways good luck with the site.

I don’t think Wordpress will be good for a gallery. Most web hosts offer a control panel such as cpanel with quick install of a range of features - blogs (Wordpress or alternative), Gallery (Coppermine or alternative), content management (joomla, drupal or alternative), shopping cart (zencart, agora, etc) forum (phpBB,vBulletin, etc). As far as I know no single prebuilt software will do everything you want, so you will need several applications and then match the themes as far as possible. Might be worth checking out what the hosts you’re considering have available, although generally one can install a different package if you want and know how.

wordpress may not be the best for a gallery, but it depends on how advanced you wanted it. You could just have posts with the first thing being the image, or movie or whatever, and then put the description and stuff afterwards. Full on gallery software gives you more features and control specific to images. If you knew how to do some coding you could hack up wordpress to work as a pretty good gallery, or there could be some plugins for integration, i’m not sure. I do know that drupal has quite a few plugins for that kind of stuff.

what about globat.com ?
i want help … please .

this might help…

My site uses wordpress with Nextgen Gallery plugin.


Wordpress will do you fine. It’s a simple install and it’s got loads of plugins to help you out.

I tried to try Drupal a while back.


a site such as this one

this specific one was made with Drupal or WordPress or what , how can we know ? … :slight_smile: , curiousity

notice how the gallery pictures pops out …
and is it like this : "whenever i add a section above , it is added automatically to all sectiones to the site at once ? "

do word press work on all host providers ? , i think yes , but asking because i have noticed some sites that supports databases and some not …

some sites says unlimited domains … , does this mean domain1 domain2 … etc , or subdomains ?

do you think globat is a good hoster ?

i have seen some criteria where it allows money dealings or not through the site , is it important in case of i want to sell models and DVDs ? and donations etc …