WORDS: A spelling movie

This is a part of a movie I am making for my childern. All done in blender except for the lens flare and title transisition at the end. And the Audio is not a strong point. This is my first animation heaps of faults :o . But I am still very happy with the end result. This is the start of the movie and the movie includes a robot teacher and a student trying to learn how to spell. I’m posting this in the finished section becuase I’m not sure that I want to post the rest of the movie apart from it not being finished it might have personal stuff that I don’t want on the net. Cheers…

Great idea, I always planned on making a movie for my kids too but don’t have the time to do any blendering at the moment. I loved your modelling and the render style worked for me too. I have only a couple of crits - 1) the animation was too slow, I would have thought for children it should be a bit more snappy and 2) the audio is nowhere near as slick as the video.

Great work though!

What a great ideea! I like the characters and modelling. One thing - scene looks a bit too dark on my screen. I am not an animator so this is just a mother’s opinion :stuck_out_tongue: - maybe the cars should move a bit while speaking, not just the mouth and eyes, so they look a little more alive to the kids. Other than that I think is a very nice job, your kids will love it especially if it will have personal stuff in it :slight_smile:

Thanks ghostly606,
Yes the audio is shocking(only a Learner). As for the snappy, I had the idea that the “actors” the car and train would get thier attention because I model them from their toys.

Thanks oanav,
I’m not sure about the brightness, it looks OK on my monitor and also my T.V. I tried to keep away from the “real life” (The Cars looks) because I want the impression that they are still toys. They are not the main actors so I didn’t spend a great deal of time rigging and animating them. :o