Words in Motion: Rhythm

Hey there!

I have finally managed to finish my second animated typography video with an interpretation of the word “rhythm”, which I wanted to share with you:

The journey, especially concerning the render farm, was sometimes problematic, so if you have interest in some details, don’t hesitate to ask!

All the elements, the objects, the animation, the music and the interaction between all of those are supposed to resemble the meaning of the word “rhythm”.
If you want to know some background information about what this video series is / will be about, you can find it here.

And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave them here, they are very much appreciated! :wink:


What a cool project. And I like the visualization of the words meaning very much.

Wow that’s really cool! Good job on syncing everything together!

Thank you guys!

I’m glad that the visualisation works for you, minoribus.

Syncing visuals and music was actually quite easy, as I had created the music first and then baked the different sound layers to F-Curves of nine controllers, of which the rotation and scale then would be copied to the pieces. Blender did most of the job for me, although small adjustments were needed, of course.

I am actually not really pleased with the sound itself, but something always goes wrong, right?

Oh, by the way: I forgot to ask if you guys have any suggestions for the next Words in Motion video? :slight_smile:

I love these Words in Motion projects!

A word that comes to mind that you can use is “scheme”. You could have some sort of changing 3d map turn into the word.

You could also use words that aren’t so clear cut. Words that express ideas like “vain”. These words are definitely harder to express visually but if you have enough creativity it’ll make the Word in Motion more significant in meaning.

For example, you could use the word “persist” and have some obstacle (it be an invisible or not well defined obstacle for simplicity’s sake) that is stopping the word from forming. Slowly the word “persists” and overcomes the obstacle.

Thank you so much!

I have not decided on the next word yet, but I will take your suggestions as an option, of course! Thank you!