Words of wisdom, from the Master.

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But, in the end, you have to make your own reality. “The millineals” are waking-up to the fact that the preceding generation ripped them off, but they’re still looking to gurus for answers from above.

Eventually, enough people will “get mad enough” to cause the status-quo to start turning back the other way. They’ll work within the system to change the system back to what it used to be for the generation that preceded them. The mere fact that people are waking-up to what has been done (to them), and are becoming aware that there are alternatives … alternatives which preceding generations (such as mine) once routinely took for granted … that they of-rights should be able to “take for granted,” too, and to improve upon.

“Changing political reality” is an unglamorous, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous task. (And, “be careful what you wish for.”) But every freedom that we have, anywhere in the world, is the product of a sufficient number of people’s determination to “make it so,” and to accept nothing less.