Work around for emitting in subframes?

I’ve created a spaceship and was planning to use particles for the engine blast. The problem is that the ship is travelling fast and since there is no emission in subframes the particles end up as groups at separate spots. I thought of using a volume to emit from instead of a plane and elongatec it around the traveled direction. It works for the placement of the particles, there are no gaps anymore, however it seems the particles when created does not have any speed for as far as motion blur is concerned, after they have been there for a frame the rest of the Engine blast looks as expected. Any ideas?

The emission in per frame groups happens when the emitter is parented to a moving object or animated itself on a path. But if the emitter is animated directly in space, the particles give a nice trailing effect without gaps.
You might check out Gottfried Hoffmanns tutorial on blenderdiplom where he shows an addon for complex path editing…

Thank you very much! Highly appreciated. I did not understand what was causing the problem, but now knowing it’s the parenting I’ll be able to get it working in my scene!

Also a separate but warm thank you for informing me of the motion trail add on. I was not even aware of it’s existence, but I’ll sure get it and if it’s stable it will be a huge timesaver!

@mobimo: That’s really great! I didn’t think of this solution and was constantly wondering why on simple test scenes it’s working perfectly and on my scene it’s clustering… will talk with our particle guru nevertheless - I consider this as a bug!

Hi guys, I initiated the fix for our problems. In the soon to be released Blender 2.70 this bug will be no longer existant. Look at the Sneek Peek #7 to see it:

Greetings, Thomas