Work Desk

Hey, This is my first artwork on BlenderArtists
Check it out and tell me how can i improve the artwork and criticize it heavily.

Thanks to BlenderGuru and Gleb Alexandrov for the excellent tutorials, blendswap for mouse and keyboard models and for the window texture

Someone Please Review

Haha, ok, a couple things:

  1. Not seeing any reflections off of the monitor screen. Even if the screens are somewhat diffuse (mine is quite glossy actually), you will see some reflections, especially the near one as it is at a high angle relative to the camera. Try using a layer weight mix to add the reflectivity that is missing. If you’re already doing that, crank it up a bit.

  2. Maybe a tad too much DOF for my taste. Also, I’m not sure what the focus is on here; maybe put the monitors or keyboard in focus?

Not seeing too much else to criticize; I like the setting, background, lens flare, etc. Nice work.

The Monitor Screens are Emission shader so no point of getting a reflection. But I’ll try to put a diffuse and glossy shader mix for the camera ray

I’ve put coffee mug on focus

Really looking good,

I agree with plaskinen about the dof effect. it almost seems as if no symbols on the keys