Work faster - Create your own Blender, with new modifiers and faster rendering


(troisdsman) #41

i’m interested but i’m not sure of my english.
if i buy the current version, will i get the french one when available?

(ouraf) #42

i disaggree on the children/non professionals part

if one could compile a simpler blender without VSE, particles, phisics, animation, texture painting and a more streamlined shader to focus on 3d printing tasks, it’d be amazing to use in a professional environment

(Frank) #43

Bought it, thank you very much for doing this. Amazing. :slight_smile:

(mathieu) #44

Of course, the french and German (and someone proposed to do the italian version already) will be available for free to all customers. I think you can still do a lot without understanding all I say as all the commands you need are in a text script which is provided, so you could also simply copy paste and just follow what you see on screen. I made a lot of pictures also to better understand the theoretical part and will do more if needed.

(mathieu) #45

Then you have to speak to the 101 developer group, as this is something separate still.

I agree Blender could be made simpler yet as much if not more powerful. This is already what I did on Cycles a bit. With auto tile size for example (implemented in the builds and available in the source of the course) you have less decision to take as a user, so you can spend the time you took to tweak it on artistic things and it renders actually often much faster than with the human-tweaked tile size.

As I said, this course allows you to create something like 101. So actually, you could do your vision of 101 and I’ll be happy to look at it if you release it someday.

(mathieu) #46

Welcome on board :slight_smile: 3 new videos were already added. There is now enough material to make your own mix, with some links to find cool features :slight_smile:

(aliasguru) #47

Just purchased the course as well. Will start providing feedback beginning of next year. One thing to note is that when purchasing the course, the tax laws of the country you purchase it in are applied. So in my case, 20% tax were added on top of the price.

Still eagerly waiting for the modifier coding lessons, which were the real reason to buy this. I already know how to build Blender from source and create patches. So the real fun is about to come next year, yay! :slight_smile:

(mathieu) #48

Welcome on board,

I wish there would be a unique tax system worldwide to be able to know the final price, but even in one country you sometime have different levels. So I can only display the base price.

Ok, I’ll prioritize the modifier part then :slight_smile: I must say, although I first focused on cycles, when you get the grasp, coding modifiers is really funny and greatly improves your workflow as a user.

(mathieu) #49

Welcome on board :slight_smile:
Feedback is welcome any time, even next year, take your time and have nice holidays if any.

(mathieu) #50

Welcome on board.
I took cool examples like modifier and Cycles features that are useful to most of you to keep you interested.
I’ll be happy to hear about your customization someday. As I got the grasp some years ago on how to modify the modifier section, I had a lot of fun to implement my ideas. And it really got my workflow to a next level, automatizing the repetitive parts and allowing quick editing when the clients ask for changes.
I’ll take care to explain the UI part carefully.

(wilBr) #51

Bought it

thank you

(Frank) #52

Awesome. :slight_smile:

(mathieu) #53

Your welcome :slight_smile:

(mathieu) #54

The 10 places where taken in less than a day and until now, students come good along. So I can take 20 more people in the beta. I’ll add 20 coupons with 30% as the course already has some polish now. Some of you bought at full price. They can get the 30% back if they want.
The modifier part should come this week.
Ok, the new coupons are available here

(Frank) #55

Where is the best place for one or two questions?

(mathieu) #56

You can ask per PM or by email (by answering the Gumroad messages regarding the course normally)

(mathieu) #57

Happy new year everyone.
Coming today for all students, the bridge modifier course part 1:

You can already download the according course part, the patch and as a bonus, the file used in the video above to test it on the product page. So you can get started today with adding new modifiers to your Blender :slight_smile:

Happy 2019

(mathieu) #58

The reduction coupons are valid one week. When the last chapter with the cycles speedup and new features is done, it will be open to everyone at the normal price.

(iwkse) #59

Happy new 2019 Mathieu, wish you a year full of deep interconnections

(Frank) #60

Wow thanks so much man. Simply awesome! :slight_smile: