Work for 15 (stylized) 3D characters over about a year-long period for feature film

Hi! I’m looking for artists to work on my feature film, A’Taka, slated for a 2023 release date. I’m looking for someone to model and rig 13 regular characters, and 2 “special” characters, one male and one female, that basically act as adjustable characters that will be used for background people. (I envision we’d use shape keys to do this)

I’m looking for someone who’s talented, but still amateur level. I’ll give you an example: my previous artist, who ended up getting busy and had to depart from the project, was working in college so my artist was really good but wasn’t “proven” yet.

This is mainly due to pricing as this is a low budget film. Here’s my old artist’s twitter, for reference. Check out the Nausicaa rig for an example of quality I’m hoping for.

The work will of course be in Blender, though if you want to model in a different program, that’s fine. My current budget is somewhere in the ballpark of $3000-5000 for all 15 characters. My previous artist charged $200 per character - but again, that’s variable. This job does not include texturing, but if you can do that too, I would pay extra for that. Anyway, Contact me and we can figure pricing out :slight_smile:

The characters are stylized, and I have detailed 2D art that you will reference and work from.

Finally, a bit about me. Skip ahead if you don’t care lol:

My name is Jack and I’m a filmmaker. In 2019, I released the world’s first Minecraft animated movie, called Remnants, on YouTube, and since I’ve been cracking away at my second feature, A’Taka, inspired by Japanese culture and the manga style. It’s, as far as I know, the world’s first knight-based mystery story. Here’s my first movie if you’re interested.

To be clear, my first is Minecraft-animated, this is using original characters.

Anyways, I can’t wait to talk with you and hopefully work with you!