Work in a team with a blender file in one server, and everybody collaborate

When u work in a team and the file is with a lot of objects and you have to divide the work ( one person lights, other compositing, other textures etc) , should I separate the file and the team work in a separated way??, is there is any way I can work at the same time with more people and we everybody save and we don’t delete what the other person collaborate, because separate the objects and appending files is not the idea I think, can you give me some page to take a look about it ?

Apologize my ignorance in this topic, is just that am used to work alone and now i have more people with me:o

You want to link rather than append, but that’s the basic idea.
The objects could all be separate files.
Then you would link those into a file that you do the lighting in. (probably put everything in a group)
And you link the group from your lighting file into a file that you would do the compositing in.

I’m not sure that it would work to separate the modeling from the texturing.

I don’t think you can edit materials and textures on a linked file, but I don’t think working on textures on a mesh that could be modifed later will be usefull.
Anyway, linked files must work for the other steps, especially for the animation that you can start during someone else is working on modeling or texturing.

Hi again,
The thing is that one person will work with textures , and other compositing , lights and shadows, special effects and other with animation with a camera who is moving in the place.
So RobCozzens or any expert in blender, this should be possible coz in autocad it is, u work with references or linked files and after the work of the team is finish u just append all different files to the main file .

The thing is that the main file should be updated with the work of the group so if one person if working in one specific task , the main file is updated with this references. Is important for us ( my blender group) as a team we see our advance.

If you have any kind of tutorial of blender 2.5 or more information i will really appreciate this a lot, coz i dont have the solution for now.

Plz , thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the Blender documentation: