Work in Los Angeles

I have some leads for work in the Los Angeles region for Blenderheads. I organize many of the Los Angeles region Blender user meetings. I just hosted a social event and three different companies showed up looking for Blender experienced talent to work in person. Remote work is not an option. So please live in the Los Angeles region with access to the Westside, the Valley, and the Studio areas. Some positions will be working with other Blender professionals, some you are expected to be the Blender expert.

Immediate positions are available for experienced BGE Python developers, BPY programmers, and CGI content creators experienced in compositing, green screen and camera tracking work. There are full-time, part-time and freelance positions available.

Please PM me your email and links to any work you may have online. I will prescreen you and then forward your information.
Thanks and good luck.