Work in progress boy

Hello everyone,

I’m making this boy based on a character from my illustrations and would love some crits and feedback. I still need to smooth out the face here and there and once I apply my mirror I’ll make the hair asymmetrical.

I’ve got some questions though. Whats the best way to smooth out a mesh? And I would like to rig this later on, using blendshapes for the clothing folds and stuff. The problem is I’d like to control how the t-shirt rests on the arms and how the pants falls against the leg. How would you rig those areas? Right now I’ve just filled up the pants and t-shirt.

PS: you can see the illustrations here.

I like to use a more plain color for the mesh when I am working. It is easier to see. A light gray seems to work good. To smooth out the mesh in places you can use smooth vertex. if I use it on the entire mesh I then follow with alt s to size the mesh back up a bit. Smooth Vertex is a nice little tool for relaxing parts of a mesh you have been editing to get rid of bumps. Used too much of course it can take away the form you have been working on. That may be what you want if you need to start fresh.

If you show us the wires we could probably help you smooth out the problem areas, if unclean topology is a problem.

I’m not sure how to render the wires on top of the solid textures. I imagine a wireframe image would be too confusing.

OpenGL Render active viewport.

Here’s the topography.

I think the model is looking really nice. Love the overall shape and attitude. Will be a great character. I appreciate that you understand the necessity of assymetry. -I can’t stand grammatical errors, couldn’t help myself, sorry if you are non-english speaking.

To render clean wires:
Also helps if you enable subsurf modifier, and select optimal draw.

These renders look a lot better.