Work In Progress - Courtyard visual Looking for ways to improve

Hi everyone, Justin here, picked up Blender again after some 5 years of tampering with it back in university and am interested in improving my final visual.

I am an architect by profession and the house in the visual is currently in the early stages of construction.

I like the final outcome of the image and the general mood, however, some things can surely be improved ! Looking forward to any comments / criticisms or tips from more experienced artists.

Architecture was modelled in sketchup , imported into blender, just a bit of post in PS.


Looks interesting. I’m not a fan of the focal length of the camera. I’m guessing the sun is 90 degrees straight up, causing a lack of shadow on the planter box. Try a slightly different sunlight direction. Is the wall really meant to be that roughly textured?

I like the volume fog, add extra depth to the image. Looks very good.