Work in progress (DEMO INSIDE) + (VIDEO)

Just something im working on, might become a game in the future but mostly just for testing. You need a good rig to be able to run this smoothly, its constant
60fps except for when you stand in front of the god rays, it drops too about 30-45 fps
same for when looking at the HDR illuminance.

Let me know how it runs, how could i save fps, should i get rid of some planes from the
god rays to make it more smoother for people with low end systems ?

File is only 54mb, so it will only take a few minutes

1360x768 res
no msaa
no aa
4x anisotropic
Automatic “maybe tripple buffer”
Shadows on
Lights on

Video is about 45fps, quality has dulled down because of screen recording/youtube.

Bump, need some feedback on how this is performing on another rig.

I’d like to help out but some screenshots would be appreciated. It’s nice to know what it is I’m downloading before I do so, it should help to get people interested as well.

Also I highly doubt there’s anything malicious in the .exe and don’t mean to offend you by implying it, but I’d like to see what it includes before I run it, better safe than sorry as they say.

Very understandable dude.

Hey hey bro nice screens! any chance of a vid? also is that baked lighting or realtime? looks awesome bro cant wait to see whats next!

Download the demo, its all real time lighting but very demanding so im looking to tweak it.
Runs at 60fps, drops down 30-45 when standing beneath or in the god rays.
There is also a little easter egg if you find it, with cloth material.

Working on sparks for faulty electric box :smiley:

If i do upload a video, keep in mind the quality will not be as good!

It runs very poorly overall, the only time I got a good frame-rate was in the corner near the page looking directly away from the god rays.

I wasn’t able to see an actual frame-rate but my guess would be 10-15 fps, whereas the aforementioned corner was smooth enough to be 60, though I’m not 100% sure on that.

To give you some context on my rig, here’s the key specs:

amd tri-core 3ghz
8gb ddr3 ram
radeon HD 7750 (1gb)
5400rpm hdd

What I found odd was there’s nothing in the game which jumped out at me as too high detail; there was a few things to note however.

  1. long load time for the level of detail (suggest either textures are too high res, or there’s high poly objects).
  2. it didn’t run in the centre of the screen, there was a small box in the bottom left (1080p display).
  3. comparing it to other blender files, it runs poorly for it’s level of detail, the objects aren’t super detailed, so this suggests large shadow buffers, too complex 2d filters, lot’s of high res textures etc…
  4. the game seemed to freeze for a good 20 seconds the first time I pressed Q.

I wasn’t able to tell, but if the god rays are made up of a lot of alpha mapped planes that would have a noticeable affect on frame-rate.

It’s not a bad demo, I especially like the cracks modelled into the floor and walls; that’s a detail most people would skip. It does however need some optimising to a point where it runs a little smoother.

i get an error saying its invalid win32 application, i guess that means it only runs on 64 machines?

The light beams not moving when the light and shadow move is a little unnatural.

The big reason for lag is simple, you need a quad core to run this type of game i`m making.
Like i said i get a solid 60fps when not under or in godrays, cheers for checking it out :wink:

Yeah i`m parenting the god rays to the light so the move.

Yeah most people dont notice the little things, thats what i`m trying to do
create a ambient feel then work from there :slight_smile:

A quad core is irrelevant. The bge is single threaded, meaning it only uses a single core. Also to note is when running my cpu idles at 35%, so your performance problems are not cpu related.

Brushing aside performance problems with statements like “you need a quad core” are not going to help you make a good game. Nor is relying on high end tech to brute force through inefficient graphics(your god rays).

Your scene has potential, but right now it’s scuppered by performance far below what it should be for it’s graphical fidelity.

Just pointing out the fact most high end pc games need a quad core to play at full capacity.
I know blender uses one core, it kinda sucks to be fair, do you have any ideas of how i can optimize it.
I can always get rid of some planes on the god rays and light rays as well.

My rig is not even a powerful gaming pc and can handle it so i`m sure
this game will run smooth for any body with a high end pc.

“Most high end pc games need a quad core to play at full capacity”, that’s true; I’ve yet to see one which has required a quad core though. A little context, your scene runs at around the same frame-rate as crysis 3 on ultra on my pc (10-20 fps). Or another example Endi’s dead cyborg outperforms your game, and that’s arguably the best looking bge game out there!

In terms of optimising there’s lots of little things you can do, the best way is to understand what causes slowdowns though.
Blender is a forward rendering engine, so you want as few lights as possible with as few polys as possible (the best way of modelling for games is the smallest amount of polys for the desired level of detail, make every vertex and every face matter)

These things are slow in terms of graphics:

  • 2d filters
  • Real-time shadows
  • Lights
  • Alpha maps(clip and add are better than sort and blend, always go for clip if possible. It’s easy to overlook alpha but a lot of sorted alpha mapped objects can really butcher the framerate)

high res textures and complex shaders will slow down any older tech, I’ve personally never had a problem with them IF I’ve been using a discreet graphics card. on-board or very low end graphics cards may struggle with these.

These are slow in terms of logic/cpu use:

  • lots of physics objects
  • complex scripts running every frame
  • near and radar sensors

Not entirely sure which one they fit in but armatures are very slow, they’ve been my biggest problem when it comes to optimising.

Remember, it’s your job to make your game run well, not the hardware’s. Use the power a pc offers, but don’t squander it on bumping up poor performance and don’t rely on it to do so.

Anyway, sorry for being so down on your project that’s not my intent, good luck with your game, I hope to see it running silky smooth!

Cheers dude for checking it out.
Yeah im starting to think blender is really lacking, people are telling me to use maya ? however i love blender too much. Im going for a cryengine 3 feel like sniper ghost warrior 2, just gonna start small and simple like the
bathroom demo for blender then expand from there.