Work in progress kitchen rendering, feedback wanted

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a personal project to learn blender. Have spent a lot of time on this kitchen and I would really like some feedback and suggestion on making it better.



This is beautiful! I love the baby grand in the background :slight_smile: The lighting is incredible, you’ve set up the scene well- I think my only critique would be to add some bump maps or displacement. The flat surfaces all seem very smooth, and real marble or wood flooring has more surface variations than you’ve got here.

Hey, thank you. That’s good feedback. The marble, cabinets, floor, etc. all have bump and/or normal maps applied. I wonder if I have the strength turned down a little low. I’ve also struggled getting the noise down on this scene a little so I wonder if the denoiser is flatting things out a little.

Thanks again!

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I’m completely new to Blender, with no experience. I’m planning on rendering our upcoming kitchen project, so I’m looking for inspiration and advice. This looks awesome. I’m looking forward to being at your level.

My 2 cents: it feels the lighting is kinda harsh i.e the shadows from the base cabinet handles are really dark and overly precise. The countertop on the other hand feels overly bright. The window behind the grand piano suggests a bright sunny day that should throw some warm ambient light into the kitchen, no?

Cheers, Stephan

Thaks, hopefully I can tell you if you’re right in a few months. The handles are kind of a sore subject for me. I really wanted cabinets without handles (or some type of pull integrated into the doors/drawers), but it was going to be significantly more expensive to build them that way (according to our architect/millworker) so this is what we ended up with. We picked the handles trying to find something minimal that would mostly disappear… Then I rendered them and like you noticed the shadow which makes them much more conspicuous. Interestingly we have somewhat similar handles on our kitchen cabinets in our current place and they do cast a pretty distinct shadow, but I guess we’ll see. I’m sure it depends just how strong the ambient lighting ends up being in the room vs. the ceiling lights.

I found the lighting pretty challenging tbh. The building is long and narrow and we’re in the middle of a city so it has buildings on either side. The kitchen is kind of in the center. Most of the windows are on the front/back of the building, although there are a couple small windows around the upper cabinets above the cooktop. Not sure how much light they’ll actually be able to provide.

Good notes though, I might try softening some of the shadows a little and getting a little more natural light into the kitchen to see how it looks.

Thanks! :smiley:

Are you using IES textures for those downlights?

Yes, the downlights are using an IES texture. Interestingly, I think you can see it pretty clearly on the cooktop hood but not as well above the espresso machine. Not really sure why that is, I double checked both lights should be using the same IES texture.

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