Work in progress of inception scene :D

Following Andrew Price’s tutorial, please keep in mind I’ve only been blending for 3-4 weeks.

What do you think? :smiley:

A LOT better than my first 4 weeks. I’ve been learning blender for years, and I still can’t make stuff that good yet :wink: How did the people get in there? Is that compositing?

I think that is the reference image ^^

oh my goodness no… I wish. DDD is right, it’s only an uploaded reference image, I didn’t hide it when I took the screenshot. The modeling on the left is all me.

it’d be cool to animate this. you should give it a go…or if you dont feel up to it yet, upload the blend file and i’ll see what i can do.

If you want to animate the scene might as well download the finished .blend from Andrew Price’s tutorial

i should have thought of that myself. cheers.

Seem to be doing a good job so far…all i would say is that the proportion of your lights are maybe a bit off, and for the light fixings it looks like you have hit set smooth or have subsurf on , which looks odd…Good work

Thank you and yes, my main goal is to actually animate the hallway rotating. But for now I’m only focusing on the modeling. And thank you peter18, I took a second look at the lights and you are right. I’m actually starting this all over, completely messed up with the arrays to where it would just be easier and less frustrating to start all over.