work in progress, what do you think?

I m an Industrial Design Student, we ve been working in blender a little and now are rendering. just starting off but let me know what you think if my model of the Eames Lounge Chair.

Ok, so what’s with all the double posting today?

did you forget the image?

ya I dont know how to delete this thing. I forgot to post the image. its att to my other post. can anyone tell me how to delete this post???

Nah leave on. This post must have some benefit for someone somewhere in this world.


You’re just kidding right? This is some sort of pratical joke.:smiley:

“Work in progress, what do you think?”
I think you definatley have alot of progress to be made. A good place to improve your current design would be the basic shape. Right now, it doesn’t quite have the proper porportions and other design elements to achieve the desired affect.
Sarcasm aside, you can modify your first post and include the pictures.

ya it benefits actually a lot. it shows me why I hate forums and why I try to avoid them. I have 2 posts on here, one asking for input and with a picture, that is serious and what these things are here for and another that asks for input but no picture, thats oviously a mistake and normally should be ignored. but just with the nature of almost all forums, which do I get replies to, the one that needs no reply. the one with someone really asking for help and has pictures is still sitting there untouched. everyone is quick to judge and offer stupid remarks but few can step up to the plate and help out. and you will see there will be more people to comment on this along with the things I m saying now, they just cant leave it alone.

Sorry you feel that way, but this deluge of Eames chairs has taken everyone somewhat by surprise. Similar posts, similar user names, similar chairs…it’s fairly easy to mistake them for multiple posts by a single confused user.

Talk to your instructor, please. The last instructor who had his students post here had the courtesy to post a heads-up thread, letting us know his students would be coming, en masse, asking for advice.

And, talk to your classmates. There’s nothing stopping them, or you, from commenting on each other’s work. In fact, for non-Blender specific advice, such as chair shape and details, your classmates would probably be the most knowledgeable people around on this particular subject.

Hi. Sorry if I gave you a wrong impression. Believe me I had no intention of insulting you. My comment was like someone kidding a friend yep for making an honest mistake. :slight_smile:

Hey I took time to check this thread in the first place because I was eager to see what I can do to help. Even if just a comment.

Unfortunately I found two post without pictures which could have been easily corrected. so my first thought was -“Hey what’s happening here? Do the thread starter really needs my opinion? When will he post the pictures?”

Don’t let your impression of me stop you from visiting this forum.

If you can endure the occasional humor, you will find that there are a lot of people here who would be willing to help you.

But first you got to show them something. ; ) hehe kidding again.