Work in progress

(allanwesy17) #1

suggestions for improvements?

(Blujay) #2

Lovely concept! The little creature is adorable. I’m assuming it’s standing on a branch? If that’s the case, I think adding some foliage closer to the bottom of the background to clarify that it is on a tree would be helpful. Right now the background sort of looks like water that blends into the sky. The cherries look gorgeous though!

(ChameleonScales) #3

I agree with @Blujay.

To add to his suggestion, I would add some color variations to the moss on the branch.
Also I would make the frame a little wider. Right now it’s too close to the character and to cutting the cherry out.

(max11D) #4

I love the concept! It’s absolutely adorable. My 3 cents:

  1. Make the frame a little wider. Right now it feels very cramped, especially on the left side.
  2. The droplets on the cherries are too small. I haven’t done any scientific measurements on water droplet physics, but I feel like they should be bigger, fatter and more broken up. If you have cherries lying around, try spraying water on them until it beads up and take a photo for reference.
  3. Maybe try putting a more complex background? Pure gradients are unusual in nature; there’s at least something blurry behind subject. I’m not entirely sure if this is necessary though. Just an idea.

I’m also inclined to agree on the moss color variation feedback.