"work in progress"

The compositor would not just “help any”, it would greatly change your scene. Adding a slight vignette(darkening the edges of the scene) would draw attention away from the edges and establish a focal area. If you color graded(tinted) your scene, you could establish more of a mood. And you could add glow and glare effects to the specular areas of the gun and the lit area of the phone.

To get started with compositing:

Keep in mind that Cycles doesn’t support renderlayers and some other things that, but there are workarounds to help simulate effects you can get in Blender Internal.

^ cool! Thanks!

Does not Blender 2.62 support renderlayer cycles?

Renderlayers in CYcles is still on the edge of experimental

Oh, I guess it does. I didn’t realize 2.62 was out. FACEPALM

^ lol :smiley:

Ok, here is a almost finale render. I have been tiring to wrap my mind around the compositor.

Here it is.

And here is a pic of the compositor.

Any last critics before I do the finial render?

This render was 3000 passes.

The finial one will be 10000.



Image would look much better, if it was animated (with slight camera shake and moving lights, etc). Also you should probably add second light source from left

^ Thanks! But that is not what i want for this pic, I really don’t want it to be a animation. :smiley:

Last call for critics! I will start the final render this friday! :smiley: