work out percentage of surface coloured?

hi all,

I am trying to calculate the surface area of a mesh, and more particularly work out what percentage each surface is.

e.g. a humanoid figure, needs arm painted from shoulder to wrist -> surface area of all the faces involved.

I was trying to work out a way to do this. Blender’s UV mapping distorts the faces’ areas to make a more manageable map so unless I can make it proportionately remain the same as the mesh then that doesn’t work.

If I manage to get an unwrapped mesh without face area distortion then I need to be able to find a way to extract the percentage of the area of interest, e.g. if I paint it, then software to work out the painted area relative to the unpainted area. If I can UV unwrap the way I want then I can just select fewer faces and work it out that way.

Can anyone help or suggest a work-around?


No worries, I found a script which will work just as well although a little different from the way i was trying. It’s the ‘measure mesh’ script. I can just split the mesh into different objects and it will work out surface areas for me. Need to dig out some sort of maths textbook for that whole percentages thing :wink: