work place

Hi everyone, I am new to Blender and 3D programs in general. Here is my first project in progress and love to hear your C&C. Those blue human figures are for scaling :).
Second pic is taken few months ago.

thanks for viewing


Nice. Keep up the good work.

wow looks really good, the building looks like its made from glass why not try make it reflective, just a thought…use it don’t use it.

that image looks good… but theres just way to many shapes IMO… cant focus on the main structure… unless its just me…

thank you Remix. I m going to work on the human figures. I like to improve the water, any thoughts would be great.

VincentXD, I try reflective but it didn’t turn out much different. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Vitaliy, yeah I kinda had that feeling too. From your opinion, I feel like taking off the entrance(upside-down U) along with those huge beams. But I m going to play with it for a while and see how it would turn out.

Sorry, just learned Blender 2-3 months ago :smiley: