Work process in an antique environment

I am thinking of making a piece for an antique room.
I’m still in the process of setting up the materials, but I’d love to get some feedback on the size and shape.

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I’d first like to know what kind of room this is. An old room? And antique store room? Why is the object there? Is it on display or just been there since forever and has been collecting dust? What’s the backstory of this room and proposed object?

I plan to create a study consisting of antique English furniture.
I’m planning to create a study from the era of Sherlock Holmes.
The progress rate is less than 10%, but I plan to add more furniture and accessories.

I think having an ornate lamp lighting some sort of mini scene on the desk, maybe an old document or something with the headline being the hook or focus point if the image could be interesting

Thank you for your input.
I will definitely keep it in mind.

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