Work Room - Hauptmann Has Left The Building


This one should look like somekind of work room for officer during WW2.
There are few details to keep this mood up though the room itself and furnitures may be lousy modelled… I tried to make lighting better by advice from feedback to PzKpfw Tiger I tank… There are missing many textures and what were added, are all from Blender. I’m going to add some textures made by own if someday they look decent enough to bee seen by you professionals there…

So, again, anykind of feedback and suggestions are very welcome. While waiting your response, maybe I should try to catch that old Hauptmann and bring him back to office… See, there is still plenty of booze to drink…


Not bad at all.

One major thing though, you have the ceiling lamp shining, but your light source is not coming from that light. It is coming from outside the room. Change that.


A very nice start
Some lack in texturing you already metioned. (wall ist to shiny and needs a bump map).

I’m not a WW2 furniture expert but the red lamp, the curtain, and the green vase remind me on the 50th or 70th.

Thank you for comments. I will take that lighting conflict away. I have thought to add light coming from outside. Maybe from window or from door behind camera…

tordat, you may have point there. You know my modelling with this, as well as with any other models yet is adding different objects to same scene and this is result. But good point. Maybe I will consentrate to real scenery after somekind control over basic modelling…