work window and frames per second

hi iam haveing a bit of trouble iam worrying tht though in the blender work window my animations speed is perfect but down in the time line it says its 8 seconds of animation i timed it and its over 30 seconds :o is there a way to do a quick render of a animation u know without all the shaders and things or is there a way to get it to go at the real frames per second it would go after rendering :o or am i just worying over nothing

You can playback by dropping frames of keeping AV sync. This should playback only alternate frames to time, rather than every frame over time.

Also you should ask this in the Blender Basics child board.

thank u XD and sorry didnt know exactly where to post this <:) but thank u XD i actually fixed the problem my self… dont know how XD but i did lol i did something in the sequence editor adding sound and then when i went back to animation it was playing back super fast so i just slowed evrything down so now i know exactly how long it is XD the time the animation take to get finished matchs the frames XD still dont know what i did but ill take it XD