Work with tens of modifiers

Hi modellers!

I am trying to use multiple lattice deform modifiers in non-destructive modeling. My typical item in the modifier stack is Lattice modifier applied to some vertex group. I have tens of them (and expect up to about 100 maximum). When I work this way I have some annoying things:
(a) I can’t add a modifier into random position: I have to add it to the end and then move the modifier by clicking the “Move modifier up” button multiple times;
(b) I can’t disable several modifiers at once: I have to click the “Display modifier in viewport” button multiple times for each of the modifiers.

Is there any way to workaround this? Splitting the mesh into several parts is not an option.


I found something that mostly solves the issue: I can move a modifier up if i:

  1. move it once by the mouse click
  2. press Shift-R.
    Blender is great!
    Hope this will help someone :slight_smile: