Work withdrawn

Leaving the site, You may remove any post I have on Blender Artist.

Good sir, “I know you love 'em,” but there is such a thing as too big! :smiley:

ya I know but what the hell haha , its my only post as I have been withdrawing from here
and needed some thing to post so anyone that wanted to could still find me

This is a good design with the large boobs. Some women really have them that large. A little bit of realism here.

ya just cant help myself , ha , most the models I make seem it be well endowed

as an artist I know what kind if effect you were trying to archeive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), there’s nothing wrong with trying to exagerate some features but if you don’t do it right it end up falling into the uncanny valey due to lack of balance on the proportions.

Even exagerating eyes to get appeal which is kinda well understood and dominated sometimes backfires and fall to the uncanny valey.

I feel ya but I’m still trying to figure out how to skin them

thats nice work by the way

Boobs are way too huge lol. :grinning: Tho to add jiggle to them you can use jiggle bones addon! Good luck.

She will certainly never drown…

Cheers, Clock. :cocktail:


Well, there’ll never be any doubt which direction she’s facing!

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a true amazon has probably a bit less boobs but way more xtra thicckkkk and muscled.

Even with a spear, your amazon model seems harmless

haha well what can I say a little jiggle bone and viewers galore !