workbench (new & final render posted)

3/24/04: This post has been updated with a new image – you may need to click Refresh/Reload in your web browser to see it :wink:

Something I’ve worked on and off over the past few days. This is part of a larger, more detailed scene I have in mind involving additional tools and other things. For now, this is simply called “workbench”:

This was created and rendered in Blender 2.32. The zblur plugin was used. Slight postprocessing consisted of noise and title. This scene took about three hours to model, light, and texture. The internal ray tracer was used. Jpeg compressed. Render time was approximately an hour and a half.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Very, very nice! Though you might think about dinging up the head of the hammer a little; from smashing those couple nails. Otherwise I almost couldn’t tell it was blended. Oh yeah and a nail should have them same width the whole length until the point. At the point it’s basically been smashed in a mold to cut it off so it may have slight “fins” if you will.

I agree that hammer is jus too shiny add some scratching thatll make the chromy look go down a a bit(an impact tool shouldn’t be so shiny, should be worn down a bit)

Very nice Robertt, but a little too much blur without any focal point IMHO. I think you need a part of the image that the viewer’s eyes are automatically drawn to, maybe just the hammer head needs to be in focus, since this seems to be the main piece of the image.

Don’t want to seem like I’m flaming most of your work at the moment mate, just trying to offer some constructive critism.


Hey Robert
As for the hummer head, there is a color called Hummer tone, its kind of very dark blue/ grayish color, with oil like spectrum color in it (where the hummer hit the stuff its hummering :)), never seen an hummer reflect like that(except maybe in the hardware store), why scene like this need a reflections of this kind ???


these were said I think (read quickly through) but it’s too blurry, the table texture is lowres (or it’s the blurryness) and hammer is too new. the red bakcground is a bit too striking and simple.


Oh my, another great one. I love the handle of the screwdriver on the right! The newness of the hammer does not strike my eye that much. I mind the shape of the nails much more. Maybe it is so where Robertt lives, but ours look different. I agree with excess of blur.

But what astonishes me many times about Robertts’ pictures is that they look so easy until you try to make something similar. This is a typical example of how difficult is “easy”.

I would like to see you working!

Fantastic. The screw drivers look great.

The hammer is too shiny though. Needs to be more of a flat finish and should have some nicks and scratches on it too.

I agree about the low res texture on the table. Get that changed for sure.

As for the blurriness, I kind of like it. Maybe tone it down a bit, but I think it works.


almost photoreal, REALLY close. i love it

Awesome work. Can’t think of any crits that haven’t already been voiced!

Blend on.


well al the crits seem to of already been pointed out (hammer too shiny, too much blur etc…)

nice image overall


overall very nice…

if those things on the bench are nails, nails don’t taper down like that

generally nails are the same diameter all the way down, with a point

perhaps they are tacks?



Wow… that is really… really PR.
The hammer, (as so many people have said) is a bit too chromy unfortunately needs a few scratches or dents.
And there seems to be, uniformly, a lot of blur everywhere like a picture taken while the camera lens is out of focus.

  • emk

well, if ur going for the wierd demented look, the nails are perfect, but if ur going to realistic, they have to be diff, look on google

Cool, not bad, though I think the hammer head is a little to shiny. Maby add a few dints and dings to make it look used too. Also, maybe tone down on the bright tool box colors.

Looks good. 8)

Thanks everyone for the great feedback! Image has been updated in the first post :slight_smile: You may need to click Refresh or Reload in your web browser to see it.

Now for the individual replies…

Samoht: Thanks! The hammer is dinged now :smiley: I realize in my rush to create a variety of nail shapes and sizes that some had gotten a little too shapely :slight_smile: so I fixed that.

Fonix Wircs: Thank you. The hammer should now look like it was used a lot. Originally I wanted to juxtapose new tools within an older surrounding, but that concept didn’t seem to go over too well, so I have made many adjustments.

sonix: Yes, I found if I took OSA and Gauss down that the image came out clearer because AA was being added by the zblur plugin – more than I bargained for in the first image. The second image to me seems better in several aspects, including composition and physical focus. The camera angle has been adjusted. I also cropped this somewhat better I think. I appreciate your insight because I admire your work, so thank you sonix for the honesty :slight_smile:

E-tek: I was going for a “new tool in old surroundings” scenario, which didn’t go over well, so that has been changed. I actually have a new tool set myself, and the hammer in that set is quite reflective like the original one I posted. The second render looks more like my old hammer now :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback.

basse: You’re right, as always basse :slight_smile: Too much zblur. The table texture has been reworked. While it’s not perfect, I’m happy with it. It’s wood with history, wood from my desk actually :stuck_out_tongue: I reworked the room/background somewhat. Since this render is essentially a detail from a larger scene which will change sometime in the future, I think what’s there right now works okay in terms of composition. Thank you for your insight, basse.

tlustoch: Thank you very much! The screwdriver handle came out better than I hoped. I have some Craftsman tools with handles like that, and it was cool to be able to attain that kind of translucent plastic like that. It took a while to get right. You’re on to something concerning the “easy is difficult” idea, since some of the simplest looking things in art can have much thought and work behind them. This was definitely something like that, because while the idea was simple enough – tools and nails on a workbench – it’s always a challenge to make otherwise everyday objects look fresh and interesting.

BgDM: Thank you so much, BgDM. I toned down the shine and gave the hammer some history. I revised the table texture, and while it’s not perfect I’m sticking with it for now because it achieves what I wanted it to achieve: to look like a place where work had been done. I like carefully applied blur myself. I take a lot of photos, and DOF is an important tool in several ways, including composition. Yet, blur can be a debatable thing, I find, in 3d cg, where somehow because it’s cg a lot of people expect or want sharper images, as if the render could have been taken with a cheap fixed focus camera rather than a good one with variable focus. There was too much blur in the first image, but now with zblur greatly reduced in the second (and final) render I think there’s sufficient indication of depth without sacrificing details. Thanks again for your time and insight, BgDM.

skeletor: Thank you so much, skeletor :slight_smile: I appreciate that.

block01cube: Thanks! Blending on indeed :smiley:

mystery00: Thanks, mystery00!

lilo: Thank you. I wasn’t going for one particular type of nail/tack in this scene, just a random assortment, like ones shown here for example (some of their pictures are squashed though until expanded). I also wanted some screws in there at first but settled on just having nails. In the second render I adjusted nearly all the nails. In the first render my attempts to vary things quickly left some unnaturally shaped nails, whereas in the second and final render things look much more proper.

emk: Thank you very much, emk. The zblur plugin takes into account the clipping start and end of the active camera, so I needed to adjust that I found in order to more properly apply depth of field. I think it’s now clear the focal point is the hammer and that there is a more successful indication of distance through the mild focal blur applied.

skeletor: If it helps, I guess I can be more of an impressionist, I suppose, than a realist at times. Photorealism is not always my first intent. Often I consciously avoid it. I photograph lots of things, but I also like paintings, so sometimes my works take on a more “painterly” essence than photographic, and that would not surprise me :slight_smile: which can partly explain why at times I’ll portray something a certain way. Although in this case I had been a little too hasty in introducing variety in the nails in the original render. The final render has more realistic looking nails. Thanks again.

zgm-html: Thanks! The tool boxes are about what they look like in real life, red and shiny, but I’ve made numerous adjustments between the original and the newly updated image above, so hopefully things look much better.

Thanks again, everyone, for your interest in my work.

I think I better get back to my F1 now :slight_smile:


just noticed this,…very nice! I don’t know about the nail leaning against the toolbox though. That seems pretty unlikely. Also the tool box could use a slight texture.

A quick reply :slight_smile: Thanks, Modron! The nail I think you’re talking about has actually been hammered into the table. The toolboxes are about 2.5 to 3 feet away from the table, but the camera is low to focus on the table area.

Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you got the nails fixed in time for this last update, but they look very unrealistic. Real nails don’t taper, they are straight and pointed on the very end only. Looks good.

SamAdam, most nails in this scene are bent a little. The way some are rotated may not help, given the lighting setup either. Not all of them are perfect though, but I’m not going for realism so I’m not too concerned :slight_smile: In masonry and woodwork there are in fact some nails that taper. Some tacks also have a longer tapering slope to the tip than regular nails. Some accentuated bending occurs closer to the camera because it’s close to the table and has an irregular lens setting. Thanks for the feedback and for checking out my stuff!