hi guys
my workerman is finished.
actually i’m bored with this picture so I decided to spot working on it. that’s why it has some issues especialy related to blender internal renderer.
Anyway here it is and i think it’s finished.

and here’s biger version

Looks very much like a little model you have painted up… good style, it adds character.

i think its because of your heavy reliance on UV mapping that does it. that brush feel to all the textures.


Nice going there, especially with the toony style and texturing, looks a bit like some wax animations today :stuck_out_tongue: . All I’d like is some clouds on the top of the background, and it’s kinda hard to figure how the left hand (real left) is positioned.

Very well done. Reminds me of clay animation. Only thing is that the armpit might be a bit high.

Arms are perhaps a bit short. Real arms, elbow extends to waist; not sure what you were trying for though.
I like the face though. And the bell bottoms. Groovy, man!

It looks to me as if the wooden planks share one common texture as the veins continue from one plank to the other. Better put some variation into the mapping.

he’s using a crane to lift one weeeiiird shaped brick :expressionless:

Hmmm… I think he would have his pants tucked in his boots.