workflow: decals, and general texturing+bumpmaps ?

hi again… newbie question time… i am working on texturing a spaceship - the model is relatively simple, comparable maybe to a basic jetfighter model. I will add some details later on, but texturing is the major factor on how it will perform.

I am using empty-decals for creating bump / texture images, to create an arrmor-plate look.

Decals are fine (mostly to avoid the UV horror) but also have some drawbacks like projection issues. I know how to tweak them with materials or cube clips. But with more complex geometry it gets tricky.

So i started to wonder how can i improve (and speed up !) this whole process ? I find i am needing way too much time to produce something which shouldn’t be especially complicated :frowning:

you can find some eample of decal here also

happy 2.54

thanks Ricky

the functions i believe i have understood in general, i watch tutorials on everything but usually they are pretty basic “we have a cube let’s do this”, which of course is great to discover what all the buttons do.

But most of them don’t tell how to apply the same thing to something difficult without going crazy =)

So i rather look for advise on working techniques, basically tips that come from experience