Workflow for creating lots of different characters for a game?

Hello all, it’s nice to be back here on Blenderartists. I hope everyone is well.

I have recently started to venture into the world of game design, and have landed myself a role as the 3D artist for the project.
We are still in the pre-planning stage, mainly since it’s my first time I am just trying to research and wrap my head around workflows and how to go about the things I need to do.

I am currently stumped with one thing in particular, though. Characters.
I have spent a long time teaching myself how to create characters with good topology (uuuggghHHHH), and I am able to create one character like this, but how would I go about creating multiple characters?
At the moment, sculpting each individual character and retopologizing them seems a bit tedious. But at the same time, I can’t exactly imagine creating a low poly “base” mesh and deforming it any easier.

I’m just wondering, what is the best approach to going about this? Do I need to build some kind of base mesh? Do I just need to suck it up and soldier through creating each one individually?

If you have any resources online you think would be helpful in this regard, please link them. I think one of my main problems here is not knowing what to google. I just keep running around in circles !

characters generators may be a good solution, even for sketching.

theres the manuel bastioni lab for close use in blender. CC-BY 4.0 output from unmodified addon.

or makehuman which is more universal and requires importing. CC0 output

please carefully read the licenses for the respective software to avoid any misunderstandings.

both of these are really good resources, thank you!
but i’m wondering if there’s a workflow closer to doing it myself… just made easier. third party programs would indeed help me out quite a bit, but because i’m going for a slightly more stylized style, they’re not as useful as they could be.

maybe I will just stick to sculpting and retopologizing for now. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but at least I have full creative control.