Workflow for Linked Armature: Proxy and Library Overrides?

Hello! I would like to ask you which workflow you prefer when working with rigs for animation. Do you append them or link them? Do you then make a proxy or use a library override? Also what are your best practices to prepare a rig for instancing? Do you put everything into one collection?

So far I tried linking my rig and then making it proxy, but I heard library overrides would be the new way to go. Proxy works fine for me so far but I haven’t been able to make library overrides work for my armature.

Please share your opinions with me. Thank you in advance!


I have started using library overrides for armatures. But sometimes blender crashes . And sometimes not all linked data gets loaded ( only some meshes show up). But I still need to test it for more time… To get more familiar with limitations or possible glitches… Trying to use it with nla.

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Ok, I was able to make a Library Override work for my rig. I am working in 2.83. It also seems to import the animation that was done in another file which is good.