Workflow for two characters in a scene

The workflow for an animation is something like blocking, splinning and polishing.
What is the workflow if you have two character?
do you animate both of them in the same time?
do you finish polishing one before start blocking another?
do you block the first, block the second, and then spline?
what’s the most comfortable way?


I think it really depends on the situation. Do you have your acting worked out already ? All of it ? If the two characters are actually interacting both ways, you should block them out concurrently, one step at a time, and try to get the “contacts” and key interactions properly blocked before anything else. You should try taking notes with timestamps for these key moments. However if one of the characters is a supporting one in that they only react to the first character’s actions, well you don’t necessarily need to animate this character at the same time, especially if the first character’s the main focal point of the shot.

I’ve only had to do this a handful of times so I’m not very experienced.


Use markers on your timeline to indicate key points, and give them names that indicate what they represent. You can always change them as you refine your timing.