Workflow for using "Scenes" for different animation sequences?

I understand that creating a new “Scene” within Blender gives a whole new work area (with some objects able to be linked across), but the term “scene” seems to imply that different animations would take place in the different scenes.

In my animation workflow, I created a sequence of animation in the default scene, and I’d like to create a new sequence with the same characters in a different place in the set. I created a new scene and linked everything from the first, and then removed all animation keyframes from the Graph editor. However, that removes all animation from BOTH scenes. If I convert the animation into an Action, I can have two separate actions for the characters to place them in the right places in the two scenes, but that seems tedious that each time I render I need to not only change scenes but go to each character and change actions as well?

Am I better off having a separate blend file with all the set in it and linking it to two separate “scene” blend files? If so, then what’s the point of the “scene” menu in Blender?

Okay, 40+ views and no answers; I’m guessing no one has a better way to do this? So the best production pipeline method for multiple sequences happening in the same set is one blend for the set, one for each character, and separate blend files for each “scene”, ignoring the “scene” menu all together.