workflow of compositing a timeline from FCP


What is the correct workflow to follow when I want to use Blender as a postprocessor.
I’ve a musicvideo made in Final Cut which has approx 80 cuts. Some of them need a vignette and some other get a color effect.

Do I have to render out a image-sequence from FCP and load it part by part (shot by shot) into blender. Making for every effect/shot another Blendfile and a new sequence?

Or is there a more simple solution?


Umm do it in FCP? Seriously those tools are available in Final Cut. Otherwise you must send out each shot seperately. Good luck with that.

Thanks, I know the tools available in FCP but I was thinking of how to set up a postprocessing pipeline with Blender. I think Blenders node-editor is easier for some parts.
But oke i stick with FCP


Sure, I know the feeling. Sadly there are no easy ways to transport into Blender any edit decisions from other edit suites. Even Blender does not have a an Edit Decision List built in so there is nothing to conform or match too.

Anything is easier than FCP, hehe… I’m sure it’s awesome if you those 2364 keyboard shortcuts in memory but after being tricked into doing a job in FCP 6-7 years ago, I just refuse now, hehe… ;D

(but to be honest, I doubt CC or making a vignette would be easier in Blender that any layer based NLE)

FCP vignette effect. Select effect from menu, drag, drop on timeline clip. Done

Pretty easy, I like my FCP for it’s flexibility. But prefer Avid for robust media management and UI.

And a collegue at work remapped the FCP keyboard to an Avid one, but he missed most of the cool features.

Personally, I use FCP (not Blender …) as the final assembly processor. I have never pursued Avid nor particularly felt the need for it. I have developed what is now a comfortable pattern for me. I definitely like the ease with which it lets me play around with clips. And I certainly don’t think that I am “dissing” Blender to say that as it happens I don’t use it at that stage.

I do use Blender’s powerful node system for just about everything leading up to that point, doing all of the work leading up to the “finished clip,” which FCP treats just like any video from any source. Should the need arise I would use Blender as a pure video-processing stage, again because of its nodes.

Also note that I really don’t use FCP for compositing. Mainly because i don’t need to. FCP is an editor for me.