Workflow question for modeling/animating/compositing a creature emergence

I am working on a project to insert a CGI creature at the end of a short film. It will be about 50 frames long, and show the beginning of a the emergence of a bug-like monster from a human “skin-suit”, a bit like the famous scene from Men in Black, when the bug comes out of Edgar (but frontwards). Because it’s just a few seconds (2, to be exact), and I need to limit it to a reasonable amount of work in a short time, I need to imply rather than blatantly show this. I’d love some tips and advice from more experienced folks on how to accomplish this, workflow-wise.

I’m planning on the flow looking like this:

  • modeling, with decent topo to begin with, rather than trying to sculpt and retopo and add the normal map (counting on a the short time, blur, and speed to gloss over detail). Much of this step is done.
  • texture
  • tracking the scene (tripod; the scene has been shot already with a non-moving but panning camera)
  • with scene info, animating the transformation
  • putting the animated model into the scene, adjust as needed, add lighting and environment maps
  • use animated masks to reveal the model as it emerges
  • composite and render

I was hoping to use a cloth modifier for the skin, and initial trials worked pretty well. Animated, feathered masks would allow me to show the tear in the skin gradually widening, I think…?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I realize this is a pretty broad question with thousand possible answers - I’m just looking for some tips moving forward, or time-saving methods that help in this situation, or ideas on how to accomplish this I may not have mentioned.