Workflow question

So, I’m responsible for creating the VFX in a movie production. The video I have on my computer is in about 5-6 long clips, with shots needing all kinds of VFX mixed in throughout. My question is this:

What would be the best way to break these sections down into individual shots, without quality loss? And organization, does anybody have any tips on how I could organize such a large project, without getting into ridiculous numbers of files and sizes.

Mostly I’m just curious as to how they handle the VFX work in the Real World, how files are transferred from one department to another without getting confused and losing data.

Thanks for your time!

The best thing I can suggest is folders folders folders!

Have the main folder for the film, then create sub folders for each shot; within those sub folders have folders for each stage of the shot (tracking, post-processing, etc.). This way, if something happens, you always have your progress saved. Plus, it makes them easier to find.

Also, It might be a good idea to keep a word document in each shots folder, listing exactly what needs to be done with that shot and as you finish each step, you can delete it from the text. This enables you to go back and forth between different shots and remember where you were in each of them.

I hope that helps. Good luck and happy blending!