Workflow: switching directly from Mesh to Mesh in Outliner / noob level failure

This image illustrates the situation:
Edit mode

I’m fine-tuning some Box Cutter work and would like to jump around between cutter meshes. I’m in Edit mode, and the “N” mesh is currently Active as denoted by its highlighted triangle icon. What I’d like to do is direct jump to, say, “Cutter.006” and start Editing it. (I think that HardOps has some facilities to ease this, but I’m not there yet, so let’s stay w/basic Blender +BC.)

Is there some key+click combo that would allow me to enable Cutter.006 directly in Outliner? I know that if I had foresight to Select them all before entering Edit mode I should be able to edit them, but sometimes one doesn’t know which Objects are going to require editing beforehand.

(Apologies if I’ve asked this before. If I did, it’s just not ‘sticking’.)

Before 2.91 you could just click the green triangle to go to edit mode. On 2.91, open the outliner filters menu and tick “show mode column”. That’d add the mode column on the left. Clicking the dot in that column next to an object you can go into current mode on that object. It seems they keep exploring the new outliner UI.

Thanks Stan: it’s pretty easy to miss all these additions if they’re stealthy, tucked away in menus and such.

Although I never used pre-2.80 Blender, it seems to me that clicking on the little green icon was more elegant, and didn’t enlarge the Outliner footprint, which seems to be getting a little bloated.

(Also, my aging memory don’t work so good no more.)

It also was a bit more consistent. Like, for example now there doesn’t seem to be a way to enter edit mode if you’re not already in it. That you can easily exit it by misclicking in that column makes that even worse. They’ll get there. Eventually.
But you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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