Workflow Troubles

Hi there :slight_smile:
I hope I’m in the correct forum- It’s my first post :slight_smile:

So here’s my question:
I’m studying 3D and the assignment is to create a character with realistic shaders (SSS, normal maps, Displacement Maps, etc…) I generated the body in makehuman, seperated the head and imported it into Zbrush for sculpting (the head is not gonna be symmetrical). Right now I’m still sculpting the face and trying to get it look good.

But what is the best/next step? For the live of me I cannot find a good workflow online, just fragments.

Should I put in ALL the details in Zbrush (pores, wrinkles…), then do a retopo in blender, make a displacement map of the high-topo model, then paint the skin in substance painter or find another way to get a good looking skin texture, then add SSS and then hair/cloth? I’m so unbelievably confused by all the tutorials out there and I’d love something like a “bullet list” or a prober workflow. pleeease help me out, I’m starting to be desperate =(

Thank you for all your comments!

PS: I’m not a newby, but fairly untrained in all things 3D related, so please be kind :slight_smile: