Workign on a resource site for modelers/artists and would appreciate some feedback

I have been using & I really love the site.
However since I also like going out and taking photos and wanted to create a level in l4d/hammer or models in blenders that more reflected my area I started to take pictures for that purpose. So I am working on:

Once I saw how many I had I Figured I may as well put them online, they are free to use.

What I would welcome is your feedback.
Especially, I am thinking of doing away with the left hand side spry menu. Replacing it with more thumbnails as they increase and a search feature.
Planned for november is the login (so I can limit it to 50mb downloads, in case someone wants to download the entire site at once) and the search feature.
As well as folder for .tga, .vtf and .vmt

That…and any other advice you may give please.