workin' on modeling

I got my yearly (hopefully it will come more often now) stroke of blender inspiration and I’ve been trying to crank out some models and not give up!

I’m going to use this thread to post what I’m working on/am calling done, at least for exercise purposes.

I don’t have any intentions to use any models (thus far) in any larger compositions, they’re just individual to help me improve my modeling ability.

Let me know what you think, and also if anyone has had a particular good learning experiences modeling a certain object or objects, let me know! I kinda run out of ideas for what to model and I’m still too reluctant to just start modeling my desk.

Here’s an Adirondack chair and an umbrella (the umbrella was posted ~2 days ago in it’s own thread, but I’ll be consolidating things here.)


those chairs look nice and comfy :smiley: and the umbrella model is really nice too, good work!

They look totally believable and I especially like the detail in the umbrella. Those bolts in the chair look a bit odd and simple to me. What kind of bolts are they supposed to be, wooden/metal or something else…?

I actually had the adirondack chairs finished and I thought I had to at least show some sign of structure so I added those in kinda sloppily/lazily. The idea was that they were wooden pegs. Realistically they would probably be flush with the rest of the chair, but this was just the simplest way I came up with to at least hint that there is actually something holding it all together.

I think if I were to go back to that concept and redo it with textures etc. I would show pegs at all the joints for the base structure and the seat planks.

Looking good, wireframes? :wink:

First time I’ve tried a wireframe render, sorry if it isn’t what yer loookin’ for. I think something having to do with the bevel modifier (maybe?) doubled some of the wires on the adirondack.


A clip I made, messed a little with materials and used an HDRi world. Sorry no wireframe, I’m still not entirely successful with rendering that style.

The joint between the shaft of the clip and the hook part got a little funky but I think it works for what I’m trying to accomplish.


DANG these are good

For a wireframe setup that is really REALLY easy to get nice, simply make 2 materials. Assign the one that is SECOND in the list to everything in your model, then make the first one a wire (not assigned to anything) and have it shadeless and Black. Turn on transparency, but don’t actually alter the Alpha value. Then go to Options and change the Z deppth to 0.05 or 0.02 (depending on the size of the models, the larger the model, the higher that value can be without negative impact. If the model is extremely small, then you could go as low as 0.005)

Great work so far, looking really nice. Although there are some things I do notice in the wires, oddly placed edges and verts, where you may not really need them. Although, they are mainly in places that it doesn’t matter, so theya ren’t problems. The main one I noticed was on the ends of the armrests of the chair. Those edges really do seem fairly redundant, although it is hard to see some of the topo so it is hard to tell…

always wondered about that lol. haha i know how to do it myself for now lol.

they look spot on :slight_smile: very realistic with a minimal amount of faces. good job on the hdri map to it really adds realism to the reflections

Thanks guys!

Wefyb, I think I understand what your talking about with oddly placed/unnecessary verts. Prior to the works I’ve posted in this thread I tried to model from zero to finished, in that I never used edge loops/cuts/etc to add detail to a more simple form. I just started from the very bottom and worked every detail in until the model was complete - a fairly ineffective/slow method. So I’m still sort of new to that and I’m sure it produces some unnecessary verts.

As for the armrests, creating a shape like that is something I think I’m still doing wrong. Similarly on the back leg/seat piece, did I approach that correctly? I have difficulty creating a flowing curve around a piece that will ultimately be large and mostly flat. Note that the wireframe is incorrect, some places that show two edges there is actually only one.

Made a little nametag model. No name though :frowning:

Similar material as the clip, same hdri.


Went a while not finishing any models but:

I had a pool chair design in mind and ended up doing a totally different “park bench” style support system.


Corkscrew! Used a little bit of bump mapping in my render this time and played some more with materials.


Nice models shame you don’t make a decent scene to render them in, your current one dose not do your hard work justice

I think today I’m going to work on a scene with the corkscrew. I think I’ll definitely progress more across the board if I start working on full scenes. I definitely feel more confident with modeling alone.

What do you guys think of this for a wine/cheese patio table? I don’t care for the design as much now as I did sketching it out on paper.

The top would be a mahogany(???) or similar wood color/texture, the legs would be a black wrought iron I think.

To hold:

Wine bottle/cork
Wine opener (corkscrew pictured above)
Small cheese platter
Two wine glasses


Slapped on a wood UV texture, first texture ever! As soon as it showed up in the render I was pretty much done with it, so it’s certainly not as good as it could be, especially given it’s the first time I’ve tried it.

More items for the scene to come!


Made some wine glasses and learned how to append .blend(s)

Tomorrow I hope to finish a couple more elements and start thinking about a background/setting.


Looks like some very nice work to me! Great attention to detail.