Working boots Stanley

Same boots that I am wearing to work. Done in Blender 2.79! I also used Gimp and Inkscape for textures.


You’re #featured! :+1:

Spectacular! Great job on these models and views. One thing you may want to add are some creases along the inner and outer rims and around the tongue of the show. Other than that, great job!

Those are some nice shoes, Stanley approved

How did you do that inside mesh on the inside of the boot? Is it a texture, if so is it procedural?

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I normally wouldn’t say a boot is all that interesting. But thats a really good boot…


Amazing. PLEAAAAASEEEEE show some wires! Also how did you do the laces and stitching? Curves?

Great! A tutorial would be nice. :smiley:

Its textured with two different mesh layers!

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Seams are simply textured, I used Inkscape for that.

I was just looking at these boots at Canadian Tire a few hours ago.
Did the simulation just break? :open_mouth:

Btw, beautiful rendering! :slight_smile:

Can I see a wire of the underside? Thanks!