Working compound microscope

I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this before, so don’t flame me if it’s old.

I realized that if you had a glass material, that behaved like glass, you could make a lens.
So I made this mesh (sorry if the images are a little big):

The three lenses have a glass-like IOR, and are clear, there’s also a plane beneath them with a screenshot of my desktop with a text document.

A view of the plane without the lenses:

Can you read what the text says? I thought not.

With the optical aid of my lenses (note: the plane is completely unchanged):

There it is, clear as day (unless you have REALLY bad eyesight.)

I want to make a microscope that looks like a microscope and also works.
If anyone would donate a microscope model that I can use, my email is [email protected].

Any questions or suggestions would be good.